Company history

Ferona has been selling metallurgical material in the Czech and Slovak Republic for almost 200 years now.

In 1829, L. G. Bondy founded a hardware wholesale business in Prague, which in 1919 became a joint-stock company called FERRA a. s. Through various transformations and mergers with other companies, in 1972 a company called "Ferona, národní podnik, Praha" was created. At the beginning of the 1990s the state-owned company became Ferona, a.s., with a Slovak subsidiary: Ferona Slovakia, a.s.

As part of the privatization process, in 1995 Ferona, a.s. became a private company, owned mostly by members of the company's management. Ten years later, in 2004, through the purchase of 100 % shares, Steel Investments Group, a.s. became the sole shareholder.

Like many other companies, Ferona, a.s. underwent restructuring, and you can find its current detailed organizational chart in a different section of our website.