České Budějovice Retail Outlet

In our unique self-serve shop with 200 m2 of floor space, you will find a complete assortment of high-quality fasteners and secondary metallurgical products at prices lower than in standard hobby markets. Our specially-trained staff will be glad to help you select from among over 2200 items in stock.

Product range


  • Bolts (hex head, hex screws, door bolts, plough bolts, self-threading for metal, tech bolts, for pipe scaffolding, hook bolts)
  • Nuts (hex, closed, extension, wing, locking)
  • Washers (flat, spring, large, auto body, star)
  • Screws
  • Cotter pins
  • Rivets (Fe, blind, Al, Cu)
  • Threaded rods

Metallurgical secondary products

  • Welding rods
  • Welding wire - metre
  • Welding wire - on rolls
  • Sn 60% solder
  • Steel cables and accessories
  • Zinc-coated chains
  • Tie wire (black and zinc-coated)
  • Carpenter's cramps
  • Bolts
  • Netting and textiles
  • Barbed wire
  • Grilles
  • pipe end caps and closed sections
  • Nails (construction, wheelwrights', upholstery, shingle, twisted, and convex)

Anchoring devices

  • Mungo


  • Grinding wheels
  • Drill bits for steel, concrete, and stone

Metallurgical material

  • Gusset steel, square and flat
  • Packaging tape measuring: 0.5×13; 0.5×16; 0.5×20

Anchoring material can be supplied in non-standard versions with approximately 5 days' lead time (stainless steel, brass, fine thread pitch for bolts and nuts, etc.).


We provide discounts on entire packages
We give regular customers significant discounts on material and tools
We of course also have seasonal and clearance sales!

Why visit our sales outlet

Self-service sale
Professional advice from trained staff
A broad range of goods and the ability to buy small amounts by weight
We can invoice large companies that make regular, larger-volume purchases
Separate entrance with a parking lot