Automotive Industry Association

The Automotive Industry Association (AI Association) was founded as a special-interest association of corporate entities pursuant to § 20f of Act No 509/1991 (the Civil Code). It is a corporate entity registered in the associations register with the District Authority for Prague 1 under reference number 3/92. Its ID number is 17048826.

It was created on 27 June 1989 with the signature of the Agreement on the Automotive Industry Association by seventeen organizations as an association without legal subjectivity. It obtained legal subjectivity through registry in the companies register on 19 June 1991 based on the "Partnership Agreement on the Automobile Industry Association.

As at the date this website was last updated, the AI Association included 150 subjects from the Czech Republic. The Automobile Industry Association of the Slovak Republic (AIA SR) is a collective member of the AI Association.

"Principles of relationships for activity of companies participating in the AI Association" were adopted as a codex for the activity of companies within the scope of the AI Association".

The association's supreme bodies are its Council of Directors and the AI Association Board. The association's executive body is the AI Association's Secretariat. The Review Group of the AI Association engages in supervisory activity.

It is a voluntary special-purpose association of independent companies (joint-stock companies, limited-liability companies, limited partnerships, and other legal entities), a special-interest association of corporate entities active in the following areas: manufacturing, research and development of motor vehicles and trailers, their parts, aggregates, and accessories, design and manufacture of equipment, especially for automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, and sales and repair of vehicles and accessories, as a base for: addressing and promoting common interests, aims, and goals of the automotive industry, and mutual exchange of information


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