Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a voluntary commitment of companies to behave responsibly to the environment and the society in which they do business. In practice, this means that companies that have adopted CSR as their own voluntarily set high ethical standards, try to minimize negative impacts on the environment, cultivate good relations with their employees and support the region in which they operate.

Such companies are bearers of positive trends and help change the business environment as a whole, differentiate themselves from the competition, become a sought-after partner of like-minded companies and organizations and an attractive employer. Socially responsible activities of companies are purely voluntary and characterized by the fact that they go beyond the obligations imposed by law. (Source: Business Leaders Forum)

Ferona is aware of the importance of behaving responsibly in the areas of economic management, social development and environmental care, and has therefore adopted the principles of CSR. We publish annual reports (Company report) every year, and thanks to current requirements and stakeholders, we will also publish reports on the company's social responsibility.

Our partners

A solution combining controlling and BI from our partners from GIST Consulting significantly helps us in achieving our goals in the area of economic management of the company.

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