Cutting of hot-rolled coils at SSC Ostrava

Ferona, a.s., Steel Service Centre Ostrava (formerly FDC, a.s. – as of 1 January 2014 part of Ferona, a.s.) produces flat products (sheet metal) and strips on two cutting lines – longitudinal and cut-to-length.

Ferona, a.s., Steel Service Centre Ostrava has an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Certificate available for download.

The service centre is located on the premises of Ferona's Ostrava plant. It was built to cut hot-rolled material. It has a cut-to-length line and a longitudinal cutting line.

Cut-to-length line

Processed material
Tensile strength max. 700 MPa (1,5 – 6,0 mm) max. 500 MPa (6,01 – 8,0 mm)
Strip width min. 700 mm max. 2 050 mm
Strip thickness min. 1,5 mm max. 8,0 mm
Coil weight   max. 30 t
Inner diameter min. 610 mm max. 900 mm
Outer diameter min. 1 000 mm max. 2 030 mm
Finished material
Dimension – width min. 700 mm max. 2 050 mm
Dimension – length min. 800 mm max. 6 000 mm
Bundle weight   max. 5 000 kg
Bundle height   max. 500 mm
Width of side remnants min. 2× 10 mm max. 2× 20 mm

Note: Strict tolerances of dimensions and flatness, including further specification of production, packaging, marking, etc., are the subject of personal negotiations before concluding the purchase contract.



Processed material
Tensile strength min. 370 max. 640 Mpa
Strip width min. 150 max. 1600 mm
Strip thickness min. 1.0 max. 6.0 mm
Coil weight   max. 30 t
Coil ID min. 490 max. 900 mm
Coil OD min. 900 max. 2100 mm
Finished material
Inner diameter of strip   508 or 610 mm
Outer diameter of strip min. 850 max. 2000 mm
Input coil weight   max. 30 t
Strip width min. 20 max. 1600 mm
Complete longitudinal cutting product mix
Thickness in mm Strip width
20–30 31–50 51–100 101–250 251–500 501–1000 1001–1600
1.0–1.5 x x x x x x x
1.6–2.0 x x x x x x x
2.1–2.5 x x x x x x x
2.6–3.0 x x x x x x x
3.1–4.0     x x x x x
4.1–5.0     x x x x x
5.1–6.0       x x x x

Other grades of steel, dimensions, tolerances, and other production or packaging specifications are subject to negotiation prior to signature of the purchase agreement.

File description Size File for download
Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015 OV 280.59 KB PDF