Notice of private sidings

Notice of private sidings

In accordance with provisions of the Act No 266/1994, on railways, as amended (primarily by § 22a(3) of Act No 319/2016), Ferona, a.s. with registered offices at Havlíčkova 1043/11, 111 82 Prague 1, ID: 26440181, declares that the sidings it operates are not accessible to the public. All sidings serve exclusively the needs of their owner, Ferona, a.s., for wholesale trade in metallurgical materials. This complies with the main requirement for ruling out public access to sidings based on provisions of § 22a(1) of Act No 266/1994.

In accordance with § 22a(2) of Act No 266/1994, Ferona, a.s. will allow carriers to use these sidings or parts thereof in a non-discriminatory manner for purposes of accessing
a) another rail line, if the siding or part thereof serves as a connection for two or more lines with different owners;
b) another facility or handling point with an owner or operator different from the owner or operator of the siding.

A list of sidings that Ferona, a.s. will operate as private:

Siding Official authorization
record number
Ferona, a.s., Prague - Malešice siding ÚP/2001/3190 yes
Ferona, a.s. Rochlice siding ÚP/2001/3197 no
Ferona, a.s. Hradec Králové - Slezské Předměstí siding ÚP/2001/3198 yes
Ferona, a.s. Chomutov - Spořice siding ÚP/2001/3196 yes
Ferona, a.s. Plzeň siding ÚP/2001/3193 no
Ferona, a.s. České Budějovice siding ÚP/2001/3194 no
Ferona, a.s. Brno - Horní Heršpice siding ÚP/2001/3200 no
Ferona, a.s. Jihlava siding ÚP/2001/3201 no
Ferona, a.s. Velká Bystřice siding ÚP/2001/3202 yes
Ferona, a.s. Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště siding ÚP/2001/3203 no

The operator of the "Ferona, a.s. Brno – Modřice siding" is BF Logistics s.r.o., the operator of the "Ferona, a.s. Ostrava – Plzeňská siding" is VÍTKOVICE Doprava, a.s..


In Prague on 11 April 2017